A very stingy bury gold secretly kept hidden somewhere in his garden. Every day he went to the place where he had buried his gold, dug it up and count them back one by one to make sure that no gold is lost. He very often do it so a thief who watch, can guess what it was hidden by Miser and one evening, quietly digging treasure thief and took him away.
When the Miser realized loss of his property, he became very sad and desperate. She was moaning tugging on her hair.
A nomadic people passing by in the place heard her crying and asked what happened.
“My gold! Oh .. my gold!” Miser said, “someone has robbed me!”
“Your gold! Inside the hole? Why did you put it there? Why do not you keep the gold in the house where you can easily retrieve it when you want to buy something?”
“Buying something?” Miser shouted angrily. “I will not buy anything with gold. I never even thought to buy something with gold.” he shouted again angrily.
Nomad then took a large stone and threw it into the hole that has been empty treasure it.
“Then,” she continued, “cap and bury the stone, it is equal to the lost treasure!”
Treasure we have is worth the usefulness of the asset.


During the day in late autumn, a family of ants who have worked hard all summer to gather food, dried wheat grains they have collected during the summer. When the famine was a grasshopper, with a violin in his hand came and implored family of ants that leave little to eat for himself.
“What!” cried the Ants in surprise, “do not you have to collect and prepare food for the coming winter this? During this what you do all summer?”
“I do not have time to collect food,” complained the Grasshopper: “I ​​am very busy creating songs, and before I know it, summer had been passed.”
Ants are then shrugged his shoulders because they feel upset.
“Making the song you say yes?” said the Ant, “Well, now that you have completed the song in the summer, it is time you dance!” The ants then turn around and continue their work regardless of the Grasshopper again.
There is time for work and a time for play.

On a very dry season, during which the bird-burungpun very hard to get a little water to drink, a crow found a jar containing a little water. But the pitcher is a pitcher with a high narrow neck jugs. After all crows are trying to try to drink the water that was in the jug, he still can not reach it. Crow almost feel hopeless and feel will die of thirst.
Then suddenly an idea came into his mind. He then took the gravel on the side of the jug, and then dropped it into the pitcher one by one. Each time the crow was put pebbles into the jug, the water level in kendipun gradually increased and increased until the water height can be achieved by the bird crow.
Although slight, the knowledge can help us at the right time.

A dog gets a bone of a man, ran back to his home as soon as possible with pleasure. When he passed a very small bridge, she looked down and saw her own reflection in the water under the bridge. This greedy dogs who think they see another dog carrying a bone bigger than hers.
If he stops to think, he would know that it was only shadow. But the dog was not thinking anything, and instead dropped the bone he was carrying and jumped into the river. The greedy dog painstakingly finally swam to the river bank. When he reached the bank safely, he just stood pensive and sad because they carry instead of bone is lost, he later regretted what had happened and realized how stupid he was.
It has properties that greedy fool


Told long ago there lived a king. King’s lead well and wisely. During his reign there was not anything bad going on in the country. Until the end unwanted ensued. One morning, the king and queen’s palace stood on the balcony and looked over the country. Yellowing rice fields ready to be harvested. Blue ocean filled with marine products that never runs out.

The king said to his wife, “Look at my wife’s fertile land. Not a single country in the world that can match the fertility of our land”. The Queen just smiled and said, “Our country is fertile, the king but we can not be arrogant, we never know what is in another country. You never saw it?” The king laughed out loud, “Hahahaha. Wife, I alone will make sure that kupimpin country is the greatest on earth.” The Queen just smiled and did not dare to advise again, afraid that the king would be angry. At night, the king dreamed that his country was attacked by its neighbors from the east. The king woke up with sweat on his body. Figuring that dream is a reality, the king immediately ordered all his troops to attack the country in the east. Eastern country that attacked suddenly lost, the king won and soon mastered the east.

News of his victory spread to the west, north and south. The king was proud of his victory, and for a month with a king bed very well. However, after a month passed, the king had a dream again. This time he was attacked by the state from the west. As before, the king immediately attacked the West. This time the king was victorious, but soldiers also have greatly reduced due to the war continues. News triumph again widespread. Northern and southern countries that have heard the news became very upset and worried that their country would be next. To that end, the two countries agreed to join forces and attack the middle of the country, led by the arrogant king. The king who did not know the plan only to sleep at night raid. Did not know that he was attacked by the two countries. After all, if the king knew, what can be done. His army was low.

So that night the king was killed, and all the great country it is torn down. Country east and west again released. The four countries, east, west, south, and north agreed to divide equally and live in harmony forever. good night!

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